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I’ve been living in Minnesota for the past couple of years, and when I first moved here I had a hard time finding a good gym to start working out in. They say it takes dedication to work out and make gains, well I found out that it takes dedication to find a good fitness center! That’s the primary reason that I founded this website, in order to help fellow weight lifters in Minnesota get a place to start getting healthier. Most of the places I find are very affordable, who knew that Minnesota had such affordable deals! But remember, finding a good gym is only half of the battle! Nutrition is the next big step to making gains. But the REAL way to start looking like you lift weights and pump iron, is the proper supplement that allows muscle mass gains in a natural way. I’ve been working on getting ripped abs for the past year, and Creatine has helped me gain 10 pounds of muscle, when I thought my weight was maxed out. There are lots of tips to be learned for getting strong, and I’ve been taught 90% of them from body builders that I met at a gym in Minnesota. It’s so important to really absorb what these guys are telling you in the weight room. Any time they talk about proteins and supplements, I want you to think about using work out from home options, because that’s exactly what it is. Creatine shreds fat and helps you gain muscle better than any other supplement that I’ve tried. So pick up some Creatine and go find a gym in Minnesota from the list below and start getting ripped, America!

If you haven't heard the news, the Shake Weight is shaking up the fitness industry. By now many of us have seen the Shake Weight on TV in Minnesota, I was absolutely skeptical about everything they said this product offered. When I used one the first time I was floored. My arms were sore in 6 minutes just like they said. I couldn't believe that I was sore the next day from the Shake Weight. But it really is true, the Shake Weight might just be the easiest way to get great results in weight lifting. I use mine 5 days a week. I highly recommend this product, it's well worth the $29.95. Buy the Shake Weight, for Men or for Women. (They're essentially the same thing with different settings for each gender.) Good luck and keep working out!